Taking the Next Step:

Graduates from any of Taylor Business Institute’s Associate Degree Programs, who wish to continue their study to acquire a higher credential in the United States, should do so, and TBI will help.

The Step up workshops:

Associate Degree Graduates who indicate a desire to continue learning can register for “Step Up”, a series of workshops provided for associate degree graduates seeking to transfer to other colleges. The Step up workshops help students with their college search efforts, applications, personal statements and funding search.

Stepping up and out:

International students find Taylor Business Institute’s programs the perfect package for them to matriculate to other colleges in the United States. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. TBI’s environment is warm, welcoming and family-centered;
  2. TBI offers an ESL program for English Language assimilation;
  3. TBI’s associate degree programs are affordable;
  4. TBI prepares its graduates with professional, workplace skills;
  5. TBI provides a college transfer workshop to help its graduates find the right college, complete their admissions applications, provide letter of reference and search for funding; and
  6. Taylor Business Institute’s associate degree credits will transfer to many colleges in the United States.

English as a Second Language:

Students who finish Taylor Business Institute’s English as a Second Language Program will have the language strength for social assimilation and a credential that will permit them to transfer to other colleges within the United States.