Student Consumer Information

General Institutional Information*
Career services
Educational programs
Facilities and services for students with disabilities
FERPA Notification
Financial Information 

tuition and fees
Occupational Disclosures
Gainful Employment Disclosures
Statement on Diversity
Student body diversity
Student Activities
Student complaints
The Scope and Nature of Copyright Protection
Transfer of credit policies and articulation agreements
2015-2016 PBVS Disclosure Reporting Chart

Use of Computers and Network
Voter Registration
Withdrawal and Attendance

Health and Safety
Campus Security Policy
2016 Drug and Alcohol Biennial Review
Emergency Procedures
Fire Safety

Student Financial Assistance
Assistance available from federal, state, local and scholarship programs
Contact information for assistance in obtaining institutional or financial aid information
Entrance and Exit Counseling for Federal Student Loans
Responsible Borrowing
Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations
Title IV Code of Conduct Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Student Loan Information
Repaying Your Loans

Student Outcomes
Number of students who graduated
Job placement for graduates in field or related field
Placement rates for graduates
Retention rates by program
Completion Rate Disclosure
Students Right To Know Rates 
Placement Rate Methodology


*The following topics are not applicable to Taylor Business Institute:
Intercollegiate athletic program
Intercollegiate athletic program participation rates and financial support data (Equity in Athletics Act)
Preferred lender lists
Preferred lender arrangements
Teacher preparation program report

Institutional Assurance

Taylor Business Institute assures that all data it makes public are accurate and complete, including those reporting on student achievement of learning and student persistence, retention, and completion.