Taylor Business Institute Empowers


The American Dream is the idea that through hard work, courage, and determination one can achieve prosperity. An education that includes career-based training and a college degree or a certificate will advance your dream. Doors open for people with applied skills and a degree. 

At Taylor Business Institute, everything we do is centered around student success. We have academic advisors to help you determine the path to pursue to graduate on time. We have librarians, faculty, and tutors to provide extra assistance with any course or subject. And we have career counseling support to help you translate your TBI education into a fulfilling and successful career.

Taylor Business Institute’s dedication to promoting students’ personal and professional success is reflected in the wide array of traditional and innovative student services available through the college.

Admissions and Placement Testing

At Taylor Business Institute, all new students seeking admission in all programs must go through an admission process and placement testing in order to be admitted.  New students’ eligibility to be admitted and successfully complete the program of their choice is determined by the admissions committee.

Orientation and Registration

Students new to Taylor Business Institute begin their educational experience with a student orientation where they are introduced to faculty and staff and provided an overview of the college’s programs, expectations, policies, and procedures.  Students also explore and discuss attitudes associated with getting the most out of their educational experience.

Academic Advising and Learning Support

Articulating the institution’s philosophy of academic advising begins with understanding the students who enroll in Taylor Business Institute. To ensure student success, each student receives regular individualized oversight from the academic advisors, the program chairs, and the faculty.

Students are provided individualized assistance to sharpen their skills in oral and written communication, math and in other areas of discipline. Students are also advised to enroll in Skills Enrichment Labs specific to their program to enhance skills in areas, such as medical billing and coding, word processing and keyboarding, math, communication and job readiness skills.

Service Learning

Service learning at Taylor Business Institute is defined as a teaching method that enriches learning by empowering students through meaningful service that benefits the common good, expressing when and as possible the concerns of the communities from which Taylor Business Institute students come.  It is an activity that is integrated into and influences the life-long learning of Taylor Business Institute’s students.  All service learning activities have a reflection component and an articulated learning outcome.