60 Week Day and 80 Week Evening Program                                                                                                                                                      Occupational Disclosures
Associate in Applied Science Degree                                                                                                                                                Gainful Employment Disclosure Information
97 Quarter Credit Hours

Accounting - Taylor Business InstituteProgram Objectives: The Associate of Applied Science in Accounting familiarizes students with accounting fundamentals.  Students will learn the recording functions of the accounting process as well as analyze, classify, and summarize financial reports and other similar documents.  In addition to basic accounting skills, students in this program will receive advanced training focused on cost accounting and principles of business law.

Career Opportunities: Graduates may find work as junior members of an accounting staff in small and medium-sized businesses.

Entrance Requirements: See Admission Policies on pages 17-24 of the TBI academic catalog.

Training Equipment: Students will use computers and academic support software.

Class Size: Classes range in size from 15 to 25 students, with the typical class consisting of 20 students.

Communications Humanities
ENG101 English Composition I 4 HUM102 Intro to Logic & Critical Thinking 4
ENG102R English Composition II 4 Mathematics
SPH101 Speech 4 MAT103 Intermediate Algebra 4
Life Sciences MAT130 Quantitative Literacy 4
BIO 119 Environmental Biology 4 Social & Behavioral Sciences 4
BIO 120L Environmental Biology Lab 4 PSY 107 Psychology or
SOC 108 Sociology
ACC 101 Accounting I 4 BUS 101 Keyboarding 2
ACC 102 Accounting I Lab 2 BUS 102B Business Communications 4
BUS 106A Introduction to Business 4 BUS 103B Word Processing/Document Formatting 2
ACC 103 Accounting II 4 BUS 104B Introduction to Computer Application Software 2
ACC 104 Accounting II Lab 2 BUS 110 College Readiness 3
ACC 105 Spreadsheets 2 BUS 200A Employment Preparation Seminar 2
ACC 108 Income Tax & Payroll System 4 CIS 101 Introduction to Computers and   Information Systems 2
ACC 201 Accounting III 4
ACC 202 Accounting III Lab 2
ACC 203 Cost Accounting I 4
ACC 204 Cost Accounting I Lab 2
BUS 201A Business Law 4
ACC 205 Cost Accounting II 4
ACC 206 Cost Accounting II Lab 2

“R” indicates a research component that is incorporated into this course to make it Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) compatible.


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